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In 2007, after years of working with other teams building houses in Mexico, long-time friends, Trish Ward and Heidi Boynton wanted to combine their love for giving back and their love for helping women feel strong and empowered.


They thought a weekend with power tools + great conversation + yoga + laughter + tears + a little vino along the way would do the trick.


In September of that year, Finding Sophia was born. During our second trip, Marisol Godinez joined the party bringing her linguistic and dance skills and creative mind to round out the team. For over 15 years these three friends have been volunteering their time with the hope that every woman that attends finds a little bit of wisdom in giving back, taking time for themselves, and learning how capable and powerful they are.   


The first trip was in September 2007, and a home was built for a single Mom, Teresa, and her family of five.  They went from living underneath a large blue tarp full of holes to a sturdy home and roof over their heads.  It was an exciting beginning! 


Trish, Heidi, and Marisol donate 100% of their time and resources. There is no paid staff, and all of the funds raised go directly to help the families - specifically single mom-led families if possible.


Over the last fifteen years, there have been 25 + houses built and lots of happy Moms, daughters, cousins, sisters, brothers, dads, neighbors, and Finding Sophia ladies laughing, crying, and loving right alongside each other.  


When they aren’t volunteering….

Trish owns an Insurance Company with her sons, and loves to build cool stuff with power tools and wood, play the occasional pickle-ball, and teaching others how to meditate.

Marisol is a Brand - Graphic Designer and loves to… surf, take harry (furry dude) on long walks and travel with her family. 


Heidi is an Executive Director at Jacob’s Heart and loves to do yoga, play outside and find nonsense whenever possible. 

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