I grew up in a beautiful tropical island that was left pretty much destroyed.


Watching everything unfold from hundreds of miles away made my heart break.… I sat feeling completely useless when every part of me wanted to show up and start rebuilding right away - but, I realized that wasn't a realistic option. Politics and logistics are very different from the work I do in Mexico with Finding Sophia. Permits, insurance, liabilities, etc make it challenging if not impossible to help. After all, Puerto Rico is a US territory and there are rules that we need to respect. I looked into Habitat for Humanity and this is the info they provided.






As the holidays arrive, there has not been much progress in Puerto Rico. I don’t want to make this about politics so here is where I stop trying to explain why 70 plus days since Maria, there is still no power and running water in more than half of the island.

Enough is enough. 


So this is what I decided to do… I am going to ask MY friends to help MY friends. I am not going to go through a large organization that takes way to long to provide relief. I am going to make this about instant gratification for the giver and the receiver.




I talked to my family about how we (you and I) can make a "dent" in Puerto Rico. My family is ok. Some still have no power but they are getting used to the new normal and working hard to bring back Puerto Rico. My family connected with their friends in Puerto Rico. People that work with them. Humans that basically lost EVERYTHING. One degree of separation. It was SO Hard to choose but we selected 5 families.


I am starting this 5 DAY fundraiser here in the USA and will send the money DIRECTLY to my family. They will make sure it goes STRAIGHT to these people that need to start their lives from scratch.


My commitment to complete transparency. YOU will know exactly where your monetary donation ends. Right in the hands of the people that need it.

Lots of these families are losing hope.

It has been so overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.


This Holiday Season, with your help, my Goal is to Make A Dent. 









Yes… I know.


Dents are small but their impact can be huge for families that have been living without basic needs for almost 3 months. My ability to only “make a dent” won't prevent me from not doing anything at all. Who knows? It can always grow, there is always room to make a bigger impact, but today lets aim to help these families have hopeful start to 2018. Beginning now during the holiday season, let's give them a new light, a ray of hope. Let's show them we believe in common humanity. We all need to take care of each other.


Thank you so much for reading all this information. AND Muchas Gracias for your future donation through Finding Sophia. Our CA 501(c)(3) tax id number is 26-2667700


Photos of the Families and their homes below.

When making your  donation please include "For Puerto Rico" in the space provided for NOTES

Maria Perez Ramos from Canóvanas, Puerto Rico

Hipolito Diaz " Poly" from Cidra, Puerto Rico

Magdalena Marquez Santiago from Cupey, Puerto Rico

Eva Martinez and Elvin Perez from Caguas, Puerto Rico

Lucy Perez from Levittown, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

These are the names and faces.

All of them are hardworking employees at the Foam Pack factory in Puerto Rico. They lost everything.

Between me and my brother Carlos Godinez and with the help of Finding Sophia, your donations will go straight to them. #InstantGratification.

At the Foam Pack Factory holiday gathering we will surprise them with a check, a hug and a little bit of hope. We can all take care of each other. We just need to decide to do it and start somewhere. It's a win-win for the giver and the receiver.