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Have you been directly affected by the Fires? Click here


Would you like to help affected families?
Click here

You may be displaced, have lost your home, or know of a dear friend who has been affected by the CZU Fire. We want to help!


There is a gap between those who need help and those wanting to help,
and we want to bridge that gap.

How are we doing this? By creating this platform to share the unique stories of families from our community and their fundraising links.  And by creating a general fund to meet basic needs for anyone affected by the fires. 

By giving those displaced or without a home a platform to share their story, we hope to raise funds quickly to ease their burdens. Each situation varies, and no two needs are the same. Direct financial support across the board is one way to remedy the disparity faced by our local families and friends - you can help us do this by donating to our general fund, 100% of all your donations will directly to those affected by the fires. Because we are a homegrown local Santa Cruz nonprofit, we can quickly and seamlessly get funds to those that need it, when they need it. Each recipient will be vetted and cross-referenced to be sure your money goes where you intended.Have any questions? Click this link to email us 


You have a specific person or family you want to financially support. Just browse through our registry of families . Click the photo and you’ll be linked to their donation platform.



You don’t have anyone specific in mind, but your heart is heavy for those displaced by the CZU fires. No problem! Just click the donation link listed at the top of the page. This helps us create a bank for those displaced and affected that we will disperse weekly to those that need it most. can we help?

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